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For those who are interested in volunteering in the hospitals of Africa, this is a rare and unique opportunity to have hands-on experience helping doctors to heal.
Anyone who has the desire can be a volunteer in health care. However, your role will be determined by your level of medical experience as well as the eagerness and effort that you show to the professional local staff. Pre-university interns usually start by observing the doctors and nurses

However, you may find more practical opportunities arise once you get to know the local professionals and demonstrate a good understanding of local medical conditions. It is important to build up trust and good relationships with the local doctors.

The medical experience of interns also varies. There are some who just have an interest in helping out, and there are others who are actively studying medicine in school. People and Borders welcome any person who has an interest in the field of medicine and the art of healing.

Intern Volunteers also take part in outreach work that often involves travelling to local communities and providing healthcare services that would not otherwise be available. The opportunity to get involved with valuable community healthcare initiatives is rewarding.

People and Borders organize regular medical workshops for Intern volunteers in health care. We also provide a hotline service that allows you to ask about specific things you have seen during your placement. The hotline will also answer any questions you may have about the public health systems in the respective country.

As a Nursing or Midwifery intern, in the first week, you will mostly observe the professional staff before being able to participate yourself. In the second to third week, depending on your professional level, you will start observing and/or working under the supervision of the matron and the chief nurse. This will be in a variety of natural births, caesarean sections, gynecological and obstetric procedures. You will also have the chance to welcome and receive the pregnant women, help out in the care and support treatment or participate in the management of the health facility systems, especially in the information gathering and screening.

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