Power a Community

People and Borders has a unique opportunity to work with SunKing in bringing light to East Africa. If you feel you cannot volunteer, but would still like to help in some way, we suggest you look into supplying a solar powered light.

In many parts of Africa, the electricity is not reliable, and many students have to quit their studies when the sun goes down. Often this is early, around five or six in the evening. There are few children who go to bed at this time, if they had light, could spend a few extra hours getting in some study time. This is where a solar powered light comes in handy.

Of course, students aren’t the only ones who suffer from the lack of light in the evening. Solar powered lights can also help to provide longer working hours for health centers, orphanages, and individual families. Listed below are the options for the choices you can make. One light, for a family, or a set of lights that can go into a school, an orphanage, or a healthcare facility to provide longer working hours.

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