Debi De’Mzee

Debi oversees the entire organisation. Her passion in making a difference in people’s life begin long when she was a volunteer herself in the Netherlands. While in the Netherlands she mostly worked with African refugees. Since then her love with the continent has been inexplicable.

Renatus Luhunga

Renatus is our regional directors who oversees the volunteer activities across all three countries: Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. Renatus has a Digital Media and Graphic Design background, with more than 10 years experience working with volunteers.

Bahati Tenga

Bahati is in charge with resource and project development. Making sure your volunteer experience is meaningful at the same time collaborating with our partners from the community to ensure our volunteer service is solving real problem and improving people’s lives.

Dianah Kimani

Dianah, loves to work with volunteers. She love working with kids. Her passion in social work makes her the queen of service. Every job she has ever worked she started as a volunteer. You will be glad to meet Dianah in Nairobi, Kenya.

Modest Patrick

You will be glad to meet Modest. He knows everything that you would need to know as a volunteer. Modest has been working as a Medical coordinator for the past two years. Guarantee Modest will put a smile in your face.

Musiime Ismail

Musiime is a medical clinical officer by profession. He’s been working with volunteers for more than 10 years and always enjoys meeting new people. He is always on a go, but he also makes the time to rest and enjoy life.