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You may not realize this,
but people have the power to change the world

Steven Patrick Morrissey


People and Borders is a volunteer program open to people worldwide who are willing to come to Africa and use their time and talents to help their fellow man. At People and Borders you can volunteer in hospitals, schools, or in orphanage centers.

Each volunteer will be assigned to a program director. The program director will help to coordinate assignments and ensure that the volunteer has a good experience while with us. The program director will also be available to help make sure the right paperwork is filled out and everything is in order to make it to your proper destination. We have discovered that a big part of having an enjoyable experience in Africa is ensuring that you get the unique opportunity of staying with a local family. Each volunteer will get that unique experience of staying with an understanding and accommodating host family. This way our volunteers get the full experience of the culture they will be working with. Something unique about our volunteer program is that we also give our volunteers the opportunity to meet together as a group and enjoy each other’s company as they go see some of the sights of East Africa. These activities will be based on the area the volunteers are stationed in, but can also lead them to an area outside of the city they may be in. (This will be subject to the season, transportation and level of interest in the group.) All activities participated in will need to be paid for by the volunteer and is not covered in our package cost.

People and Borders is fully committed to ensuring you have the best experience while with us. We will do our best to make sure there is full and open communication to provide mutual understanding about what is expected of you and what you expect of us.
Our team is made up of people who believe that the world is made a better place through serving each other. We also know that we need more understanding of the world’s cultures and differences if our world is ever to become a better place.

We welcome volunteers from all over the world and we know and expect that everyone has a different background with unique and special talents. We also know that our volunteers come with different purposes in mind. We have done our best to collaborate with local entities so that we can offer a wide variety of experiences.

People are drawn to Africa because of the promise of adventure in the wild, rugged, inspiring and intricate beauty of its landscape, animals, peoples and cultures. Africa also draws people to her because of the desperate need in its many countries, we know there are many drawn here because of the desire to help and serve others. People and Borders helps you live that dream by preparing opportunities that not only encourage you to see and experience the beauty of Africa, but also reach out and help those less fortunate.

We look forward to meeting you, working with you and helping your dream come true.

People and Borders is a volunteering opportunity which encourages and allows people to live with a local host family, while also volunteering in the community. You will have the opportunity to work in hospitals, orphanages and in schools. We have volunteering opportunities in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. In each country there are opportunities that will bring you new perspective, adventure, and a new outlook on life.

Our host families have been carefully selected to ensure your safety and comfort. With the opportunity to stay in a local home, you will get to experience the culture firsthand. As a volunteer, you have the unique chance to be a part of the local cultures and customs.


Be part of the unique opportunity

We believe that each part of your international volunteering experience in an element the whole. People and Borders offers the most meaningful volunteer abroad opportunity mixed with cultural immersion and adventure while nurturing the lives of many

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